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Sunday, February 21, 2010

But Blogging is for Married People??

Well, that's it. I've given into the world of blogging. For so long I told myself that blogging was just for people that were married and truthfully, I had every intention of starting a blog once I had that "special someone". Nope still don't have that someone but I've joined the bloggers regardless. Truth being I only have one event to blame for this premature blogging... Once upon a time, a couple friends and I thought it would a good idea to try out a little thing that Lutherans take part in. Lent. As a faithful Mormon that apparently practices a bit of Lutheran on the side, I've given up three things for this Lent season...1. Soda (Awesome idea, I've been soda free for 2 whole weeks now, great accomplishment compared to my 44ouncers a day I was putting down) 2. Fast Food (Again, great idea. No more 2:00 am DTR's for folks, not a "Determine The Relationship"'s a Del Taco Run!) and lastly 3. F-Book (WORST. IDEA. EVER.) Which is what brings me here today starring at my computer screen, wondering if I'm going to regret this blogging decision just like I regret my 40 day Facebook divorce...

Regardless of potential regrets, I'm here! So choosing a title of your blog is apparently a big deal and I wouldn't dare just call it Chelsea Maria Lee's Blog because that's just lame, us Lee's are more clever than that. Well as I thought about what I wanted to call it, I knew I wanted it to be something that described the way I approach my life considering this will pretty much be my form of journaling, sadly. I'm sure my family will be the main readers of my blog and may already know this little story but it is one that has inspired the name of my blog and has truly caused many moments of reflection in my life.

As most are aware, I served a mission back in 2008 in Boston Mass. As most are also aware, I came back from my mission in 2008. Eighteen months don't exactly fit into the same year and so yes, I came home much earlier than I had planned on. When I was in the MTC, Sister Mahaffey (my companion) and I teamed up with another companionship to teach each other the 3rd lesson which is on the Plan of Salvation. One of the sisters began the lesson with the following story...She was on a plane ride across the United States when she looked out the window, all she could see at that moment was a very thick blanket of clouds, there was no sight of the ground. She thought to herself, "What if this was all I knew at this moment? What if I didn't know where I had taken off from, what was beneath me, or where I was going to land?" She then realized that it would have made her flight completely pointlesss and scary as well. This sister missionary then related her experience to the Plan of Salvation and how there are so many people in the world that only see the clouds. Things in their lives lack purpose and trials seem meaningless and impossible to endure alone. This story hit me so hard as she taught it and I found myself very emotional as she spoke. At that time I thought my emotional state was because I knew this story would be a great way to teach the Plan of Salvation to someone who didn't understand. Although this story did serve a special purpose while I was on my mission, it wasn't because of its effect on nonmembers, it was its effect on me. When I made the final decision to come home, I was terrifed. All that filled my head was "What are people going to think of me? Will I ever be myself again? Will this pain ever go away? When will I feel light again?" I boarded the plane to Salt Lake City from Boston with puffy, tear filled eyes, and a hole in my chest. This feeling of emptiness lasted until the plane ascended from the ground, just high enough for me to look out the window and only see the clouds. I had a sudden feeling of strength, hope, gratitude, and understanding. I know where I came from, I know where I am headed, and more importantly, I know that everything I endure in this life does make a difference, it determines my eternity. From that moment on, the image of clouds has become a symbol of His plan for me and is a constant reminder to me to be strong, be faithful, remember the trial is worthwhile, love as He loved, and make the most of my life amongst the clouds.


  1. Hello!

    I'm the Dragonfly's newer older sister.

    How very cool! A new blog with an inspiring, auspicious beginning!

    I think your Lenten commitments are HUGE and amazing! I could be wrong, but I think many Christian denominations recognize Lent as a season of developing a spiritual discipline. Fasting from a temptation (something that moves us away from God) being one such discipline.

    I gave up dessert for Lent. So you're not alone. But I just love hearing about "crossover" spiritual practices because we call all learn so much from each other.

    I'm a Presbyterian, but find great beauty, truth, and love in the practices and faiths of my fellow Christians: Mormon, Catholic, Evangelical, Methodist, Unitarian Universalist, etc.

  2. Love you Chels! You'd better keep writing, especially if my older sis is already a fan . . .she's a devoted reader and commenter.

    ps. Life without Facebook is doable! :)

  3. I am so thrilled to have another follower! Sam has spoken so highly of you so I am looking forward to learning more about you!!! How is the "no dessert" rull going? Sweets are an absolute downfall for me so I am extremely impressed with your sacrifice!

    Sam~Love you too! I am excited to have joined the world of blogging! You are the blogging QUEEN! I feel like you need to post tutorials online for amateurs like myself. By the way, the pictures of Oliver are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see him again! Give those kiddos loves for me and tell Trav hi! :)